Teams need more than database access.

Every database has its quirks, and it's easy to stumble if you don't know where to look. Providing database access often isn't enough; you have to provide information on how to use it.

Prequel is a SQL tool built specifically for teams.

Document your data

Query Canvas provides the ability to define and share queries across your organization, then add variables and documentation to make them reusable.

Share your work

Add documentation and comments to table schemas, relationships, and queries.

Define metrics

Create consistent definitions for the metrics that matter, and make it easier for others to use them.


How it works

Build flexible, shareable queries

Create a shareable, versioned query library.

  • Query variables increase reusability by making it easy for anyone to swap values without modifying the query.

  • Document your work so others can search and discover your work,

  • Team comments ensure everyone's on the same page.

Share the wealth

Learning your way around a new database is tough, especially with no documentation.


Add docs and view intuitive metrics on how database tables are structured so your team never has to wander again.



Affordable access for teams of all sizes.